How to Get the Most out of your Home Workouts!

How to Get the Most out of your Home Workouts! - Fit-Squirrel

These days, with our favourite pilates studios, gyms and group fitness classes being closed due to COVID19, more and more of us are adopting a home workout routine to get our bodies up and moving during this time.

However, (as we've recently discovered), it's super easy to get distracted watching Netflix all day and forgetting all about your workout. It's a very slippery slope so we've put together our top tips for staying on track:

1. Lock in a time

Exercise during a time of day when you're feeling the most energised. If you're an early bird normally - then working out early in the morning will be your best bet for following through and enjoying your workout routine. If your energy levels tend to peak at midday, then set your alarm can carve out the time for that fitness lunch break with yourself. You'll thank yourself later!

2. Find a space

Dedicate an area for your exercise. It may be the perfect reason to clear some space in that spare room or maybe roll out the yoga mat on your balcony every morning. This will help you get 'in the zone', free from distractions (and curious pets).

3. Get into gear

The best way to snap yourself out of feeling sluggish is to get dressed in your favourite workout gear. This will give you the mental shift you need to get up, move your body and have a great workout. Move a muscle, change a thought - remember?

How are you getting the most out of your workouts at home? Share with us in the comments.

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