How to Start (and Stick to) a Work Out Routine

How to Start (and Stick to) a Work Out Routine - Fit-Squirrel

We've all been there... enthusiastically starting out on a health kick, determined to stick with a new workout routine, thinking it's all going to be different this time....only to fall off the wagon a few weeks later. Starting and stopping and starting again can be really rough. And what's worse, it makes you even more hesitant to try again.

We've put together our top tips on How to Start (and Stick to) a Workout Routine, and really pull it off this time.

Find your 'Why"

You're probably thinking, "Yeah yeah, I've all heard it before." And that's because it really is the starting point of all of this. Establishing WHY working out is important to you lays the foundation for your success. Is it :

- To feel better in your body

- To have more energy

- To sleep better

- To build strength

- To keep up with the kids

- To decrease your risk of disease

- To reduce stress

- To build confidence

Getting clear on why you want to work out, and what outcome you are looking to achieve is so important because it's what you will come back to time and time again to keep you on track. 

No More Excuses

Here's where we go back to your WHY. There will be days when you reeaalllyy don't feel like working out. Those cold wintery mornings where getting up for your pilates class seems like a terrible idea. That's the exact moment you'll need to draw on your WHY and summon the courage to get up and get moving.

Make it Fun

Finding exercises you enjoy will go a long way in improving your chances of following through with a workout routine. Try a few different things to find out what you love (and what you don't) so you can enjoy your workouts and look forward to your sessions.

Listening to your body is key here as well. You may enjoy HIIT, but sometimes you're not feeling it and prefer to take it slow. There's nothing wrong with mixing it up, in fact it's preferred. That way you won't get bored and you'll keep your body challenged too.

Schedule it in

Build your workouts into your routine and schedule it like an appointment with yourself. This will go a long way in creating a habit of working out and eventually it will just be second nature to you. Only have 10 minutes? Plenty can be done in 10 minutes! Check out our 10 Minute Workout Ideas

Set Goals

Setting goals will keep you on track and motivated in both the short and long term. We recommend starting with small goals, like not missing a workout all week, then all month, doing 3 more reps or finally nailing that yoga pose. Small milestones are key!

Track your Progress

Make notes in an app, or write in a diary/journal and document how you feel, how you're sleeping, your energy levels etc, since starting your workout routine. Noticing real, tangible results and changes to your overall health and wellbeing will be all the motivation you need to continue on with your new healthy habit.


Do you have any tips on starting and maintaining a workout routine? Let us know in the comments.


Fallon & Darren

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